Never settle,  and never give up.  As we live our lives we are always believing for more.  We pursue what we feel we are being lead towards. As we try new things, we learn its not always as easy as we think.  This is a picture of our first attempt at printing a water based ink.  Now a little disclaimer, we knew it was going to blur and drip all over the place on this first print, but that was because we probably incorrectly added water into our ink.  We didn't have a good spray bottle laying around, which we realized retrospectively was essential.  We didn't keep enough moisture in the ink and we ended up having a really hard time trying to print, it was about 100 degrees that day and the ink dried up. Its not always perfect, right?  We acknowledged we are privileged to even get the chance to experiment with this equipment, materials and inks!  We will do better next time, we had the opportunity to see what to avoid and how to get it right next time.  Looking forward to new challenges and overcoming obstacles!