Bags for Rags

As we set out for 2018, what was our first project??  Bagging our shirts. Thats' right we bagged our shirts, we counted all of our shirts, reconciled our inventory and put our shirts by groups into bags. Not glamorous stuff, but much needed organization. 

After our first year of doing sales at different makers and artisan fairs, we came away with of course a few changes we wanted to make. One of which was reducing the amount of shirts we took with us to each event.  We would show up with well over 1000 shirts, we did make a lot of sales, but I don't recall a time we sold 1000 shirts in a day! By bagging our shirts into smaller groups, we can be sure we're taking enough of each size to each event, and not have to take 3 or 4 times more than needed. 

We're so grateful to have met so many wonderful people through selling shirts in Stockton, Lodi, Modesto, Sacramento and Roseville. We have built some new relationships as a result of all the adventures of the craft fairs in central cali! And that really has been the best part, making new friends and hearing people say they 'love our shirts' - it doesn't get better than that! This year we are setting out to expand our selection of designs and product offerings. We look forward to the challenge of creating more youth sized apparel, and also beginning to offer some fun goodies such as stickers, journals, and the list goes on.  Happy new year!